Those 5 books changed my life! Will they change yours? 


Hi ya!


I have always been an avid reader. Life and some problems I had made me look for solutions and since I enjoy reading, books were the natural answer. There is basically a book for everything!



Books can really help you change your life and this is why I would like to share some great reads with you guys, in the hope these can help you too!



I have read all of them and more importantly I have applied their teachings to work on specific problems, including kicking bulimia out of my life, getting the job of my dreams and moving out of London. I don’t always use them, and perhaps I should. I tend to turn to them whenever I feel I need a little kick in the a** some motivational talk.



1. The Magic of Thinking Big



Thinking Big was recommended to me by someone at my secretarial school. The girl in question told me it had helped her get the job of her dreams. She kindly gave me the references and I went straight online to order  a copy. It’s important I get my own copies as I tend to highlight self developments books. 😀


Anyway, this book will help you understand why some people who seemingly have it all fail to land good jobs and be successful in life.


It all comes down to attitude and ways of thinking. This book will make you aware of how you use your mind and will give you tools on how to do it in a more efficient manner.


I read this book while I was still working in the food industry and was desperate to move on to better things. Things started to happen while I was reading it and less than 2 months later I was doing a more rewarding job with more responsibilities and better money.


There is definitely magic in thinking big, I tell you!



2. The Secret





I suppose most people have heard about The Secret by now. I still want to introduce this book, just in case.


I read it at least twice and I go back to it on occasion. It helped me get a dream job and be more focused on success. I can say that 2014 was a great year for me just because I had started to apply the secret.


Don’t let the cheesy secret society design a la  Da Vinci code fool you –  I nearly made the mistake to judge a book by its (bad) cover. The Secret will help you improve various areas of your life, whether you are looking for love, money, harmony or power.


Buy The Secret



3.You Can Heal your Life



I love Louise L Hay and I am not afraid to say that she is my inspiration and I would like to be as successful as her.


Heal Your Life was my Bible when I was battling bulimia. I kept going to it. Other books have helped me too, but Hay’s work made me understand that I had created bulimia… and that consequently I was able to  destroy it.


I recommend this book to anyone who has been the victim of emotional or physical abuse, rape, destructive relationships, mental health difficulties, as well as people with terminal illnesses. If you are looking to have a more harmonious relationship with yourself, this book is for you too. And if you feel angry with God, this book will give you peace of mind. It’s a universal book where everyone can find hope and comfort.



4. The Power of Now



An acquaintance once told me to read this book. I ignored her. 😀


A few years later a second opportunity presented itself in the shape of an actor I really like. He was praising the book, explaining how it was important to live in the now to be as stress free as possible. I did some research and found that Oprah Winfrey herself had read and praised the book and she was said to use its teachings everyday.


I did the right thing this time.


I had a hard time reading the book at first. It requires a lot of effort to get into it, but it is worth it as it will definitely have an impact on your life. It will help you attain what is called mindfulness. Tolle’s idea is that we tend to focus on the past or the future, our minds travel here and there, which cause various degrees of stress and worry and can make us feel physically ill. Happiness resides in being able to remain in the present moment and enjoy it (aka mindfulness).




5. Change your Life in 7 Days




7 Days to change your life?! We totally buy it. This book was written by an expert. Mr McKenna says he tried every self improvement method under the sun and he offers methods that actually work (because he’s tested them for us and he knows they do). This is for people who are looking for quick changes… It only takes 7 days!


As time is precious and I am trying to help you, each book has a link that will take you straight to Amazon – click either the picture or the link.



Don’t wait any longer to change your life!



Cheerio!  Xx



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