Food for the mind: book recommendations for February


February is around the corner.


Whilst we are waiting for warmer days, let’s enjoy cosying up by the chimney with a good read.


Here is a small selection of ten #books which I think are definitely worth a read.


Recommendation #1






The Noise of Time




Barnes’ latest novel was actually released last year but with still many long nights ahead, now is the time to read (or reread) this intriguing novel.


KGB, Soviet Union and Stalin are evocative names for those who love spies. But here, it’s about a famous Soviet composer who had the misfortune to displease Joseph Stalin. When will he be taken to the “Big House”? Will he ever come back?


Recommendation #2




Danielle PAIGE


Dorothy Must Die



This little gem was written for young adults. Yes, I said Young Adult. After Twilight, the Hunger Games and countless others we all know it’s fine to read books that are meant for a younger audience.


Amy has a miserable life both at school and at home. One day she is transported to the Land of Oz, not unlike Dorothy Gale before her. You would think that now is the time for Amy to finally have a happy life in the company of Dorothy and her friends. You couldn’t be more wrong.


Recommendation #3




DK Eyewitness Travel Guide





Portugal has everything to offer and it’s no wonder it’s made the top 20 destinations this year.  Portugal is colorful, particularly its beautiful capital Lisbon whose walls are covered in azulejos  (from azul which means blue in Portuguese). Portugal also has some magnificent beaches, including Comporta. To be short, Portugal is my must visit countries for this year and this book will help me plan my holiday! How about a #roadtrip?


Recommendation #4




Andy Cope


Be Brilliant Everyday




For those who like me, have occasional bad days. How to turn a seemingly sh*t day into a fantastic day? How to change your mind set so you can be at your best all the time? Off with bad mood, excuses and  all that time consuming negativity!


Recommendation #5





Lonely Planet


Discover Japan



Architectural treasures, street food, fashion, Sailor Moon, Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms are among the things that define Japan. No need to say that it is my hot list for holidays. May this book give me some great tips on what to do when I land over there!


Recommendation #6




Louise L. Hay


Heart Thoughts



I have a love for Louise. She is so inspirational. A cancer survivor who most definitely contributed to the popularization of the New Thought movement, Louise  has helped thousands of people thanks to her affirmations and her unconditional love reprogramming. She is also a successful businesswoman as well as one of the first persons to support AIDS sufferers.


Recoommendation #7





Sylvie Simmons


I’m Your Man: the Life of Leonard Cohen



Leonard Cohen will live on forever. He’s left a legacy of hundreds of songs such as Suzanne, Dance Me to the End of Love or Hallelujah. I used to listen to him a lot when I was in my early 20s.  Sylvie Simmons  is a highly regarded journalist who has worked for Kerrang! and Rolling Stone, among countless others. She was also one of the first to see that Guns N’ Roses would become a major band.  Simmons definitely has the credentials to write about one of the best songwriters ever.



Recommendation #8




Khloé  Kardashian


Strong Looks Better Naked



Of all the Kardashian sisters, Khloé  is the one I like the most because I can relate to her. I am not ashamed to say that! Khloé  is the one who’s had the most struggles and this is why I am fond of her. Khloé  is an inspiration for all of us who had to struggle with poor body image, bullying and eating disorders.  The one who was once the most fragile of the Kardashian clan is now solid as a rock and is showing us how to do it.


Recommendation #9




Isabelle Thomas


Paris Street Style: a Guide to Effortless Chic



If you are into Parisian style, you must remember How To Be Parisian. Here is another Paris book which tells you how to look chic while seating at a terrasse outside a café or walking up the streets of  the trendy  Marais. French artists, designers and bloggers give you tips on what to wear, fashion faux pas and other things. It also features pictures of blogger Garance Dore, among others. A must have if you are looking for that je ne sais quoi which can make you look like you were born in Paris.


Recommendation #10


Crime fiction


Mo Hayder




Mo Hayder is one of the best crime fiction writers out there at the moment. There is always something chilling at the heart of her novels and Poppet is no exception.

When I first saw the cover of this book I was quite puzzled. It’s a sort of doll in the shape of a cat yet it has something human at the same time. I find this doll quite  disturbing. No wonder since the plot is about mysterious incidents that take place in a mental health facility. Patients are terrified by a strange creature that may not be human. DI Jack Caffery starts to investigate.





Strong Looks Better Naked


Let’s get some inspiration from a successful woman, namely Khloe Kardashian.








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