Getting Designer Clothes for the Summer!

Hi guys,


I hope you’re all good!


I am starting to feel better and now look forward to the hot summer days. I suppose you do too! Off with the grey and the rain!


I am thinking of travelling to Greece and you know me, I want to do it in style. I want to stand out among the ruins of the Parthenon. 😀


I started to buy clothing online. As I said in a previous post, I have grown a bit tired of going to the local shops to see the same things over and over. A part of me wants to look like everyone else and another one wants to be different. This is why I might get some summer clothes online.


I had heard about StyleWe before but never paid too much attention as I wasn’t keen on buying online. Now that I have (slightly) changed my ways, I have visited their website several times this week in order to find some ideas.


I must say I am quite interested as they sell clothing created by independent designers. This means you get pieces you won’t find on the high street, which is always a plus for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.


I  have my eye on some rompers. They may not be ideal for a UK summer but they would be great for Athens!

I really like this floral green romper by Dabuwawa <3  It’s so girly! I could tell it had been designed by a Japanese creator just by looking at it. With its large frilly sleeves, it is absolutely on trend.  I too would accessorise it with a mini white bag. I am not sure about jewellery, but if I had to wear some it would have to be discreet.


stylewe rompers



StyleWe also have a more classic white romper I am seriously considering for my wardrobe. You can check it out as well as their other rompers here. Please note that those products are currently on limited-time offer so you may want to get them quickly!


I also note that StyleWe have some seriously fantastic party dresses. Take a look at this 80s/Barbie inspired aqua doll by designer BQueen! It reminds me of my childhood! Blessed be the 80s!




Totally on trend, you also have a white peekaboo dress by Morena Rosa (that allows just a little glimpse of your belly, or the art of revealing without showing too much, hehe). You also have more Kardashianesque dresses such as  a beige bodycon by Cici Wang. Take a look at the 2 party dresses I have just mentioned as well as many others here.


I have also been looking at some swimwear. Yeah, I know, right. I can’t really swim but hey, you have to look good and as I have a lifelong thing for blue, I fell head over heels in love with this bikini.






It probably helped that the model’s skin type is very similar to mine! I could see myself wearing this. This bikini is available at Just Fashion Now.



Those 2 sites have designer clothing at affordable prices and the good thing is that they are doing sales at the moment. Why not checking them out now and see if anything catches your fancy?















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