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Hello les meufs!


I hope you are alright. I have been a little poorly following a procedure I had to undergo on Monday. I will write about it in a later post. As you may know, I am going on a trip in the next coming days and I want to look good.


Makeup and hair colorants did some damage, so I have been busy undoing those. I got the skin more or less sorted with micellar cleansing water, coconut oil,  other face washes and going foundation free because my skin made it clear it doesn’t like it. *never again, then*.


The hair was another matter, though. Lots of shampoos  and conditioners give me an itchy scalp. And a combination of Klorane and Jacques Dessange even burnt my scalp so badly I had to wash my hair with cold water for about 2 weeks. No fun. There are lots of products I no longer use such as Aussie Miracle Moist as my scalp now reacts to it.


I tried going for the ‘No Poo’ philosophy about 2 years ago. While it did some good to my hair by making it thicker,  I found that the talcum powder was making it sticky and it was a real hassle to wash it off. Yuck. I also happen to react to talcum, it makes me sneeze quite a lot. Coconut oil and talcum powder combined together are even harder to rinse without shampoo. I know I was supposed to get something (can’t remember what) that would kind of ‘eat’ the mixture, but I couldn’t be bothered at the time.


The only pieces of advice I kept from my short lived No Poo period are:


  • the occasional use of Alberto Balsam products
  • the use of coconut oil



I have now more or less sorted my itchy scalp issues by doing the following:


  • Most of the time I don’t shampoo my hair. I just pour water on it and condition it with Alberto Balsam coconut and lychee conditioner.  I then leave it to dry as I refuse to use hair dryers.
  • Whenever I use shampoo (which hasn’t been often in the past 2 years), I go for Herbal Essence Naked/Clearly Naked or the new Alberto Balsam Clear & Fresh. Since I have been using those, my scalp is a lot better.





how care hair allergies


As I also have a tendency to ‘customise’ my hair with dyes and bleaches, I had to find a good way to nourish it. Since getting this massive reaction about 2 years ago I am now cautious with products, I choose very carefully. This is why I have been avoiding ready made masks and stuck to using oils.


I recently heard about a miracle mask and decided to try it. You only need a few ingredients and the good news is that you may already have some in your kitchen. Before I give you the recipe, let me tell you something.


Until yesterday my hair felt in need of hydration. It appeared to have gone slightly brittle and I know from experience that trying to stop this with shampoos and conditioners is absolutely useless. Advertisers are lying to you. You will have to cut your hair if you don’t take action.


I tried the miracle recipe yesterday evening. I left it on for an hour or so, and washed my hair with my Alberto Balsam Clear &Fresh.


My hair now looks and feels healthy. I keep touching it, as it now feels so much softer! It also looks shinier and it smells so nice and clean!


All I had to do was prepare a very simple mixture.


Are you ready?


how care hair allergies




You will need:


  • a blender
  • an old t-shirt
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tbsp organic olive oil (extra virgin, please!)
  • 2 tbsp organic honey
  • 1 organic banana
  • 1 bunch of rosemary


I didn’t use a regular blender to make this mask. I chose to use my Nutribullet. The reason for this is that Nutribullet is supposed to preserve nutrients (vitamins, minerals) while crushing ingredients into microscopic bits. I thought that my mask might work a lot better if there were lots of nutrients in it.


Peel the banana and put it in the blender, then add the egg (some put just the yolk but I chose to add the white too). Top up with the oil and honey. The rosemary was the ingredient I put last. There is no specific order to follow, it’s just that I like to put solids first, then liquids then spices!


I put quite a lot of rosemary. I had bought a fresh bunch and used nearly half of it. To be honest, it must have given my Nutribullet quite a strain so next time I will just put the leaves instead of the whole branches! Or I will cut the branches in smaller bits before putting them in the bowl. My mixture came out warm and had a strong herbal smell, perhaps due to Nutribullet overworking on the rosemary. I waited a few minutes before applying the mixture. All good as I had yet to change into my old t-shirt.



how care hair allergies




I applied the mixture, particularly on the bits that felt dry and left it on for an hour. As I already said, I rinsed it with a 0 parabens/silicone/dyes shampoo. I didn’t apply any conditioner afterwards. There was no need for it.


hair care allergies




I did apply a bit of rosehip oil on the ends. Rosehip oil is used to treat scars and imperfections so I thought it wouldn’t hurt my hair.


That’s it, all done! No need to buy expensive hair care products and you can use those ingredients in the kitchen! If you try it, let me know what you think!


Can you believe this is my bed hair after using this mix?


how care hair allergies








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