productivity starts before breakfast



Hi everyone


Have you ever wondered where your day has gone?


Have you ever felt like you didn’t do as much as you would have wanted to?


If so, you are not the only one. It all comes down to one word:




I know that productivity seems to apply to entrepreneurship, businesses and companies, aka real serious things, but not only.


Productivity also applies to you and your ability to use your time (eg your day at work) to do what you have to (eg: your job) as best as possible. It is currently a favorite word among motivational speakers, influencers and other people who aim to help you make your life better.



Most of us are not business owners but we are very busy anyway. A lot of things contributes to causing stress in our lives, such as traffic, deadlines, coworkers, meeting standards, job interviews… All this hassle cannot always be controlled but it’s in our power to try and do our best to limit the damage.


How so?


Well, in terms of productivity as in being efficient, up to the job, ready to face challenges and generally feeling motivated every day, there are a few little things we can put in place.


It is about preparing yourself by generating the right state of mind and getting your body to work.


Having a morning routine can work wonders, particularly if you devote time to specific areas and focus on each of them one by one.


You may have come across people who are always late for work or who are always grumpy. Perhaps you try to avoid them (and you are probably right). Perhaps you are one of them. Have you ever wondered why those people always seem to be like this? Well, I have a few answers: lack of preparation and lack of motivation. But it doesn’t have to be like this everyday. By making changes and taking the time to do certain specific, you can be in time and your mood can get better.


There is no magic. It’s all about you and your ability to make small changes and stick to them.


Here is a list of 8 things you should do before breakfast everyday.


1. Wake up early


productivity starts before breakfast



Being an early riser means that you have more time during the day to do things, like going to the gym, working on making your dreams come true or spending more time with your children.


If you go to bed late, you will have trouble to get up early *and you will be grumpy and wonder why you have a cr@p day. Well, stop blaming the day, the traffic or the kids… It’s all about not getting the right amount of sleep. Sleep deprivation is terrible for our mood, our ability to interact with other people as well as our capacity to ignore bothersome little things.


Try to get as much sleep as possible while going to bed early.


Now I know some people who get up at 5:00 am everyday. Those are property entrepreneurs who have a lot to do. They go to bed at 10:00 pm. I have seldom been able to be in bed before 11:00 pm, even as a child, so obviously it would be difficult for me to start at 5:00 am. But I can aim  to get up at  7:00 am, so that  I allow myself to have some good rest.


When planning your bed time/rise time, you have to take your own preferences into account.


2. Say thank you


I think I got this tip  off  Miranda Kerr who has exactly the kind of lifestyle I would like to have.


It’s important to be grateful. You can thank God, the universe, destiny or whatever you believe in.


Most of the time I express thanks for being allowed to start a new day in this beautiful world we live in.


3. Drink water


It’s good to drink lots of water when you get up. 1 or 2 glasses are recommended. It will help you clear your foggy mind and will also help you eliminate toxins.


4. Have some lemon juice


productivity starts before breakfast



Now that’s a tip I got from a reiki practitioner. I told the lady I have acid reflux and she recommended drinking lemon juice every morning. Her explanation was that we are “electric” when we wake up *not too sure how and why* and that lemon juice sort of neutralizes this.


Also, lemon juice clears the stomach, preparing it for breakfast.


Last but not least, Kate Moss drinks lemon juice every morning as it is supposed to clear her skin and we all know how Kate smoked/partied hard and still managed to look amazing. Consequently if there is something we need to take from Kate besides her awesome sense of style, it’s lemon juice. It won’t cost us as much as getting a Birkin.


My reiki practitioner said I should drink lemon juice at least 30 minutes before breakfast.


5. Exercise


I usually drink my water while in bed as I keep a glass and a bottle next to me. Then I jump out of bed, quickly sort the mess around me and hop! I am off for a little bit of a run or I just do some jogging in place. Exercising finishes clearing your mind and gives you a feeling of elevation which is good for the next items on the list. It’s up to you, but about 10 minutes should suffice, especially if you will be going to the gym later.



We are now fully aware thanks to our water, lemon and run. Let’s focus on feeling mentally ready to face challenges.



6. Meditation


If you know how to meditate, now is the time to do it.


Pray, take the time to reflect.



7. Visualization


productivity starts morning

Source: Pinterest




Here comes the one thing that will make the difference between having a possibly hectic day without control over anything and having a productive day where you feel like you have been able to achieve lots of things.


This is especially important if you have a job interview, an important meeting, anything that makes you feel a bit anxious.


Visualizing means seeing things in your mind. For this to be effective you need to take the time to actively create things in your mind. You must focus on things like your interview, and imagine yourself going there and getting the job thanks to your brilliant answers.


It may be difficult for those of us who have (had) an E.D. because our minds tend to turn against us and want to picture bad things happening to us. We really need to fight this. So tell your ED to go f*ck itself somewhere else! Say, “I am in control and I choose to believe that I can have this job! I know I will get this job”.


You have to really believe in it, for if you don’t believe in yourself and your ability to make your dreams come true, who will?


Take the time to visualize your day, especially important things that could cause stress. See yourself be a success at everything you do today!


Next, move on to your visualization board to focus on your long term projects. It is important that you keep thinking on things that really matter to you, such as buying a house, going to uni, or traveling around the world, for example.



8. Have a shower


Now that you have done all this exercise, meditating and visualizing you can head to the bathroom to have a wash.


Remember not to wash your hair everyday as it is not good at all!




I presented this routine in the order that seemed the most beneficial to me.


Some people like to meditate or visualize while still in bed but I think it’s risky as you may go back to sleep and end up being really late! Of course, you can use your alarm or your phone to ensure this doesn’t happen. 🙂



Following a routine such as this one every day will definitely help improve your productivity both at work and in your life. It will help you focus on what really matters to you and will keep stress at bay!



I wish you a productive day.




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    Reading this was honestly so inspiring – I know I feel so much better about myself when I’m productive in the morning, but I sometimes find it so difficult to get myself started! Thanks for this post, and your blog in general 🙂 x

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