Skinny is Ugly

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I have been thinking about writing something about the importance of being skinny these days and now is the perfect time because the Cannes Festival revealed their official poster… The gorgeous icon they chose is Claudia Cardinale, a woman who is well known for her beautiful curves. I don’t have any problem with this, but as many people already pointed out, the photo has been outrageously edited and Ms Cardinale has been made even thinner than she was.



skinny is ugly

What’s the point?


She was  a healthy looking woman in the original picture. Her body was perfect – the thinness you have when you feel good about yourself and treat your body with respect. I don’t think most men would have thought her fat. On the contrary they would have thought her attractive. My dad thought she was and he had an eye for beautiful women. He hated skinny women. When I developed bulimia and lost so much weight he clearly made me understand I had gone unattractive and no man would want me. I could feel I had become ugly to lots of people, people I knew told me I was too thin, wasn’t appetising  at all. Even I thought I looked horrible.


I do believe I did some of this because I did want to look unattractive. I didn’t want men to want me. I wanted them to go away. If I looked ugly, they wouldn’t want me. It was clear and simple.


When I moved to the UK I was still skinny and some men expressed their disinterest. I had no curves. I was too thin for their liking. In a country where the average size was said to be 12, my size 8 was rather unusual. It was almost repulsive. That was quite a while ago, mind you, and nowadays things have slightly changed, but not so much… Last I heard the average size was still 12.  You see more size 8 than before, that’s all, and it seems to come down to all those girls who move from abroad. I  used to struggle to find something my size while my much healthier friends who never had an E.D.  always found something. I was just too thin.


Not anymore.


I am now a healthy size 12 and I still have trouble to find clothes on sale. Why? Because lots of people here wear a size 12 and as I am not keen on sales, I always go when the rush has died off! This means most of the stuff in size 12 (or 14 in the case of H&M who tend to have small clothes) has gone.


I still feel skinny. I have rather long limbs and they just don’t get any fat on them. I feel good on most days, though. I  look like a woman – not a child or someone famished.


When I look at the media, particularly women magazines, I am quite puzzled by the fact that weight loss is always encouraged. They talk about ‘bikini body’. In my opinion a bikini body is when you have curves to show off but those magazines only praise muscles and thinness. One of my friends reposted a so called ‘motivational’ image the other day. The poster girl was just thinness and muscles and I considered reporting the image. I am sorry to say I thought the girl was unhealthy and should go seek professional help.


There should be magazines for people who want to gain weight. It took me ages to have a weight in accordance to my height. I just couldn’t put on anything. I would get bigger, then I would get gastritis and other annoying things, and change my diet out of fear. It was always back to square one. I have now mastered the art of maintaining my weight. I did it thanks to changes in my diet. Ditching regular white/brown bread for gluten free was a major improvement.


I don’t have a thigh gap and I don’t care. It’s been a while since I don’t have any and you know what? I am happy I don’t have one. Real women have curves and that’s what my dad taught me. Why would I want to look like I am starving? How stupid is it to want to look like you don’t eat when there are countries where people are famished  and would do anything just to have some food? I live in a developed country, I am privileged, contrary to some people.


Recovering means becoming realistic and embracing what you have. It also means accepting that you are what you are and cannot look like some unrealistic stupid edited picture.


I wish they had used the original picture instead of a photoshopped version. Ms Cardinale was perfect back in the 50s and in my opinion she still is, even by today’s standards.  Her gorgeous body would have been an inspiration for women who are perfect but think themselves too fat. Unfortunately, some irresponsible person has prevented this from happening by turning her into an imposture. Younger people who have never seen her movies will  think she really looked like this.


I wonder what Ms Cardinale thinks of her newly trimmed waistline and her bad haircut. I  hope that she will speak up and call this a disgrace.








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  1. 30 March 2017 / 8:29 AM

    Oh I bet Ms Cardinale is livid – as we all would be if were shaved down to half our size. What does that say to her – all of you is not enough!!?? It perpetuates this myth that the only kind of beauty is thin, white and western looking. Beauty is much bigger than that. GRrrrrrrrrr.

    • pnexi
      30 March 2017 / 8:58 AM

      Unfortunately she is not livid at all. She doesn’t care, she sees it as art and understands that they want to add lightness to her dance. She also added that there were more important issues at the moment.

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