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I know some of you who read me smoke or used to… You are not the only ones!


I quit smoking over 3 years ago. Since then I have spent ages trying to undo the damage done by cigarettes. Some things were easy to do, like getting rid of clothing – some of my light coloured items that I wasn’t wearing much looked disgusting because of my habit of smoking in front of my computer.  Yuck. (Tip for those of you who are still happy smokers:  never assume that because something is locked away in a cupboard it won’t get ruined by your smoking! End of digression).


Some things were harder to do, like dealing with  more anxiety attacks than before and fighting the urge to go buy a pack to end all this nonsense.


The only thing I could not change was the state of my teeth. They had got a yellow tint. And some staining. I also used to have bulimia and I must admit that when I was at my worst my hygiene wasn’t very good. Other bad habits I used to have include excessive soda drinking (I used to drink up to 1.5 L coke a day! :o), coffee drinking (sometimes up to 6 cups a day) and tea (too countless to give an estimate). All of those years of abuse didn’t hurt my teeth too badly, I must say. I could have lost some of them, for instance.


It’s just the staining. I now have a healthy lifestyle but sadly my teeth don’t reflect this! I have tried many things –  brushing my teeth up to 6 times a day, various whitening toothpastes… My teeth got a bit better but the horrible stains were still there! When I saw my dentist a few month ago, I told him about those stains. He barely looked at them but he informed me that I would have to go private and that it would cost me a lot of money, like thousands of pounds… I was crushed. Should I forget about getting a nice smile?


I kept my usual routine of brushing my teeth 3 times a day but the miserable staining was still there, like a constant reminder of my chaotic past.


I decided to forget about expensive dentistry and looked at homemade remedies and pharmacy instead. I tried another batch of so called ‘whitening’ toothpastes.


I then tried Gwyneth Paltrow’s mix of coconut oil with bicarbonate of soda. I started to see some improvement but it seemed to stop working after a while.


I embarked on yet another quest. This time I started to look at trays and strips and this kind of things. I was undecided. I asked for advice but no one seemed to be able to help. The people I spoke with were selling products they had never used themselves, consequently they had no idea what worked. I must have spent half an hour looking at everything.



teeth whitening Laila london



Among the products I was looking at was something called Activated Charcoal by Laila London. I didn’t know what to think. I had read about strips but the brand I was looking for wasn’t available. I had read something about charcoal at some point. I was sure of that.


It probably took me another ten minutes, some products were on offer but they had chemicals in them, and I balked at the idea of using them. Laila London’s whitening powder cost only £10.00 and it was made with certified organic ingredients.  It wasn’t too bad. I could try this one before moving on to aggressive chemical teeth whiteners.


Laila London’s Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder is supposed to do the following:

  • polish your teeth
  • freshen your breath
  • remove your plaque


It contains lemon zest, clove bud powder, peppermint and ginger root, among other ingredients. All are certified organic and therefore natural.


teeth whitening Laila London



It is very easy to use. All you have to do is open the container, take a small pinch of powder and put it on your wet toothbrush. Brush your teeth for a couple minutes and rinse.


Be warned that the powder looked like ashes. It’s grey –  but hey it could have been black since it’s called charcoal! It will probably fall all over your sink as you are getting your toothbrush ready. So be prepared for some mess. But it’s a good and clean mess and all you have to do is run some water or use a sponge to tidy up a little bit!


The powder doesn’t smell anything but it tastes herbal. When I brush my teeth I insist on those areas that have staining. I have used both a regular toothbrush and an electric one. Other users have said they just put the powder directly on their teeth with their fingers and rinse their mouth after a couple minutes. This technique is said to have very good results. I have yet to try this.


teeth whitening laila london



I have only been using it for a few days but I can already tell the difference. I have virtually no plaque left after using this whitening powder. My teeth feel much cleaner and are already slightly whiter!


If you are looking for a natural product that actually makes your teeth healthier, wait no longer and head to your local store. If you live abroad, I  think  you can order from Amazon. And remember that a healthy lifestyle is the key to everything so consider making some changes to your diet – cut down on the bad habits!









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