Here are some commandments I found essential when I developed my own road to recovery. 


The main thing is to acknowledge you have a problem and firmly decide that this has to stop. If you have had bulimia (or anorexia) for a while you must have enough with it. You are in a dreadful place right now. It's lonely and sad. Sometime you wish it would end... There is too much pain. 

It doesn't have to be like this, though. 

It's important that you focus on the positive:

You are still alive. You are not alone. You are loved by your friends and your family. 

Spend time thinking about the future: what is important for you? What would you like to do? What will you be able to do with more money in your account? 


Take a few minutes in the morning or whenever you like to work on your mind. I found that the best time for me was bedtime. I was focusing on my recovery as I was waiting to fall asleep.

The mindset is everything. If you believe you can recover, then you will recover. There is no other way around. Believe and succeed, as they say. It may take time but you will get there because it is clear in your mind that recovery is what you want. 

Reprogramming means that you must take the time to review your current thoughts about food and about yourself. Let's take food, for instance. If you currently believe that food is bad, don't waste your time wondering why you think in such a way. Instead, take the time to look back. Did you ever feel that food was nice? Did it ever feel good? Try to remember specific moments when you felt happy while having food. Is there a specific dish you really enjoyed, for instance? Hang on to those and tell yourself that you can restore this previous version of yourself. What you think about food at the moment is only a thought. It can be changed. By recalling good memories you give yourself an opportunity to induce changes. 


While it cannot hurt to know your weight as this information is sometimes required for health questionnaires, for instance,  is it absolutely necessary to check your weight every day?

No, it's not.

Say NO to scales! Use them only once in a while. Even better, don't have them at home! I don't use them and I have no idea what my current weight is and I really couldn't care less. I am a person, not a number. As long as my body feels good! 

Listen to your body and know when to feed.

You are not only feeding your body but your mind, your whole self.

Starving yourself is wrong: it means that you are denying your body (that is to say yourself) a very basic need. 

To be good to yourself, you need to acknowledge your hunger and act accordingly by eating something that makes you feel happy. You will have to evaluate your level of hunger: do you need a snack or a whole meal? 

In the first few weeks/months on your road to recovery, you may find that it is easier to have a routine: know at what time you will eat, what you will have, will you be on your own or will you be with other people? 

There is no wrong food, unless you have allergies/intolerance. Food is great! God created food and made us creative so we could enjoy it even more thanks to recipes!  

Allow yourself to have snacks.

It's also important that you don't keep a list of prohibited items! Am I allowed to say 'chocolate'? You know what I mean. Sometimes we want to blame something for our weight gain or our ED. We think we can't resist...

But it's all wrong!!

We feel the need to resist because we allow ourselves to see something as bad. As I already pointed out, food is good! Actually, food is your friend! It helps you go through the day. If you like chocolate it's totally fine to have it. The key is not control as in resisting temptation. Chocolate is a food like any other. The key is viewing chocolate as something you like and can handle: you are able to have only a couple squares at a time! Try and you will see. If you allow yourself a small quantity of chocolate (or cake or sweets...) once a day, you will not have the urge to binge. In my experience bingeing occurs when you try to deny yourself too much. 


By that I don't mean getting rid of your E.D. You do want to get rid of it, since you are reading those lines!

You are not your E.D. and you need to divert your mind from it... Focus on something else, like a life goal. Go for this diploma, for instance! Keep a calendar with deadlines. See how closer you are getting. If you follow my other tips, you will soon find that bulimia is no longer part of your life!


By following those simples rules, you allow yourself to free yourself from bulimia. Yes, that's right. It is as easy as that. You just need to decide that you want to follow this philosophy. The rest will follow.

I wouldn't have been able to find my way to recovery without Louise L. Hay. This is why I recommend reading You Can Heal Your Life. May it inspire your recovery too! 
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